On Stage: The Life of Puerto Rico’s National Poet, Juan Antonio Corretjer!


BORIMIX, Puerto Rico Fest 2008 presents the multimedia musical theatre production: Corretjer, tres amores (Three loves), in commemoration of the Centennial celebration of the Puerto Rican National Poet, Juan Antonio Corretjer. This production is produced by TEATRO SEA (Society of the Educational Arts, Inc.) in collaboration with the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña and in association with Teatro Pregones. BORIMIX, Puerto Rico Fest 2008 is an annual month-long, citywide festival of Puerto Rican artists working in film, theatre, poetry, music, and the visual arts to celebrate Puerto Rican heritage, arts and culture.

Manuel A. Morán directs and produces this theatrical version by Carlos Miranda, that presents the life and work of the poet through the viewpoint of his wife, Consuelo Corretjer (Tania Molina), Pedro Albizu Campos (Josean Ortiz) and the very own, Corretjer (Koko de Jesús). The production conveys the life of the famous poet through a biographical and retrospective   journey.

In the set designed by José López, images of Puerto Rico will be projected to document the life and time of Corretjer. The production has live music including some of Roy Brown’s compositions, interpreted by Rafael Carrasquillo on piano, Bryan Vargas on guitar and Ana Campos, as the lead vocalist.

Juan Antonio Corretjer (1908-1985) was born in Ciales, Puerto Rico in 1908. As a young boy, he dedicated himself entirely to poetry and politics. He was a member of the Pro Independence Movement, Acción Patriótica Unitaria and the Socialist League. He was also part of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and was elected to serve abroad as a delegate on behalf of this party. Later, during the rise of the nationalist revolution, he was imprisoned in San Juan and then sent to the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta. There, he published var0ious articles in the newspaper, La Democracia (1927). He founded the rotary, Pueblos Hispanos of New York and eventually published 22 books of poetry, some of which include: Agüeybaná (1932), Ulises (1933), Amor de Puerto Rico and Canto de Guerra (both in 1937), Tierra Nativa (1951) and Alabanza en la torre de Ciales (1953).

After a short run in Puerto Rico in October, Corretjer, tres amores (three loves) will be presented at Teatro Pregones at 571-575 Walton Avenue, Bronx, NY, from November 6th – November 9th. Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances will begin at 8pm and Sunday at 4pm. All performances are going to be in Spanish. An English synopsis will be provided.  For more information, please call Teatro SEA at (212) 529-1545 or Teatro Pregones at (718) 585-1202.

Show itinerary:        Thursday, November 6, 8pm; Friday, November 7, 8pm; Saturday, November 8, 8pm; Sunday, November 9, 4pm
Where:                       Teatro Pregones at 571-575 Walton Avenue, Bronx, NY
Reservations and Information: Teatro SEA at (212) 529-1545 (www.teatrosea.org) or Teatro Pregones at (718) 585-1202 (www.pregones.org)
Tickets:                       $25.00

For more information call SEA at (212) 529-1545 or visit our website www.sea-online.info